Frequently Asked Questions

We are the only summer music camp addressing relevant women’s issues and looking to fill a specific hole that we perceive in music education, which is the lack of female representation in marching percussion. Our world-class staff is comprised of influential, inspirational women in the marching arts. Between the Women’s March, #Metoo campaign, and more women running for public office than ever, we believe the last year signals a national trend, and so we are inspired to be the catalyst for female empowerment in the marching arts.

Girls are underrepresented in percussion sections. The typical middle school or high school girl does not have a female band director or percussion instructor. If young women do not see or have access to successful female role models, they may not be aware of the musical opportunities available to them.

Yes, absolutely! We want to be as inclusive as possible while staying true to our mission. We are providing a space for people who often are not afforded the same opportunities or assumptions that the typical percussionist might be awarded, and transgender girls definitely fall under this category.

Middle school and high school girls ages 12-18 years old.

We are accepting both battery and front ensemble students! We know there aren’t enough camps for front ensemble kids, and we want to advocate for the coherence of the entire percussion section. Battery and front ensemble sections work together and are often scored in the same category at band competitions, so we want to foster the idea of front ensemble and battery as a family. We envision a possible future where we can expand to include other male-dominated instrumental sections… like brass. 🙂

Yes, please bring your own instrument if you are planning on being in the battery. However if you cannot bring your own instrument, rentals will be available. Front ensemble instruments will be provided, although these spots will be limited. If you can bring your own mallet instrument (borrowed from school for example), please let us know! That would be extremely helpful!

Since these days are only _ hours long, meals will not be provided. Please plan on packing a lunch every day and bringing some snacks if you need more food.

No, prior front ensemble or battery experience is NOT required to attend! However, it is recommended that attendees have some experience reading music or marching. Middle schoolers are the exception to previous marching experience, of course! Music literacy is not required, but to receive the most out of the day’s instruction it is highly recommended.

THAT’S OK! Have you always wanted to drum? Then NOW is your opportunity to try it! The only skill we highly recommend is being able to read music.

No, everyone who applies will be involved. 

Yes! There will be a short presentation at the end of the week to showcase what we’ve been working on! All parents and the local community are invited.

One of the primary goals of our program is to provide female mentorship for young women, with our teaching staff primarily including female instructors. However, we need our allies, so if a man is invested in our mission and wants to be involved, we want that, too!

Wow thank you! Please contribute HERE.